Thursday, September 23, 2004


Tomorrow we will move into the new apartment. We got the phone set up and tomorrow we will put the electric in our name (it has electricity, but it is in the old renters name). We spend part of the afternoon unpacking most of our bags. I think it will be an ok place to live. Except that it is amazingly hot. They do not have air conditioners in north France because it generally doesn't get that hot. So they say. Even though it is in the low 50's outside it was close to 75-80 degrees in the aparment. Its amazing how quickly buying a fan has turned into the highest priority.

Daniel's land lady is at it again. She sent them a nasty letter basically stating she wants them to plant a whole bunch of flowers and trees that supposedly they have taken out of the property and she wants it done now. I guess Daniel has trimmed a couple of smaller trees because their limbs were dying. They also removed a flower garden that was more weed than flower. He says they have put several hundred dollars worth of landscaping and it really does look nice. But without a visit she writes a nasty letter demanding they make it like it was. So the rest of the afternoon has been devoted to planting.

We had church Wednesday night at the girls (two girl members of the mission team) apartment. We don't sing anything Wednesday night because the neighbors will complain. We had a study and talked at a normal level. When we left Daniels children were a little boisterous and probably got a little loud but it was only about 2 minutes worth. Well the girls neighbor came over and chewed them out saying they were trying to sleep! It was 8 pm! Tammy told me their neighbor used to come over and complain about everything. Yelled at her girls for swinging on the swing set in the middle of the afternoon. Complained that their gate squeeked. Complained when the telephone would ring at night. They have church in their house, and Tammy said this neighbor would stand in her yard with friends listening to them sing songs and laughing about it and carrying on like it was some kind of cult. You could say it is a difficult work here.


Jamison said...

HOLY COW!!! Is everyone in France so mean to each other? The neighbors, the landlady, etc...

I forgot to thank you Brew for introducing us to blogs, now, when work is slow, i check my email, check the drudge report, and now, I can check your blog, and my blog, and everyone elses! It is something I look forward to everyday and cant wait till the next days blog from you! THANKS FOR GIVING MY LIFE PURPOSE (putting band-aids on the slits on my wrists.... kidding)

midnitcafe said...

Anything I can do to help. It's been fun writing it so far. Now I get to check your blog too, so you know, keep writing stuff.

bigsip said...

Man, I now know I never want to live in France. They sound very rude. Well, I haven't told any of y'all I set up my blog too. I am not really writing much in it since I can't check any thing from work! Anyway, I will probably just try to concentrate on Brew's blog until I can get a job where I actually have access to the outside world.

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