Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bad Wednesday

Today was a bad day. Amy and I bickered all day. It started when she wanted me to go with her to the outdoor market at Place Broglie. She was very excited about it. It is a very ecclectic market with lots of fresh vegetables, meat, fruit and an odd assortment of clothes, knick knacks and toy guns. Frankly I found it a bit dull and must have showed my boredom because Amy got upset that I wasn't as excited as she was about it. My reaction, "it's just vegetables, what am I going to get excited about?" Then we spend the rest of the day snapping at each other.

We later went to the bank to set up our internet usage so we can pay our bills. For some reasons the French don't really use checks to pay their bills. Everything is set up on automatic payments from one bank account to the other. Our land lady, for example, gave us her bank information so that we could pay rent. I mean she GAVE us a piece of paper with her routing and account number on it. Who in their right mind would do that in America? But that's the way things are done here. So anyway we want to go online each month and be able to pay rent and other bills. Daniel had told us to do it that way because the other option is that the bank sets it up for you and takes the money out on a specific day. The problem with this option is that they charge more to do this and that if you don't have the money on that specific moment you are gonna get nailed. And the French system of being payed is a little slower and more sporadic than the states. So after a long trip to "our" branch of the bank Amy had to sit and argue with the teller about being able to set it up like we wanted. The teller called two other people and the end result was that we couldn't do it via the internet when we want, but had to have them set it up for a monthly withdrawl.

The kicker for today was that we received the customs form for some books that Amy's folks sent us. The books were in two boxes in a bag and were very important. They contained books and study notes that Amy needs to take her PhD exams, which she has to take in January. They are, in affect, her academic life. Now what we received in the mail is the customs form which should have been attached to the bag containing the books. It is a form containing the address of the sender and the receiver and declares what is in the package and its estimated worth. It was not connected to the books, nor was there a letter from the post office declaring they had our books. So we asked the concierge if she had the boxes. She did not. We went to the post office who looked at us like we were crazy handing just a customs form over. They searched the back frantically and found no such boxes. They did copy the form and said they would research it. The form does not contain any tracking number that we might use to locate our books. Amy's folks are on vacation at the moment so they could not tell us if they had any type of receipt that might help.

My hope is that the bag, or the boxes also had our address, her folks address, anybody's address on them and this might bring them to someone who can at least contact us. I assume they made it to France and that the customs form got dislodged somewhere in this country. That assumption is based on a French postal worker not being able to read the English to understand what the heck it was. He/she would just see our address and send it on its marry way. If so then surely the boxes will eventually make its way here.


Jamison said...

"it's just vegetables, what am I going to get excited about?"... that is so Brew it is hilarious!
Dont worry Amy, all his friends have had a "Brew-istic" moment like that.

I remember living with this man, Josh and I would wrap our christmas gifts for all of us... Brew would always ask "why did you wrap it? I know what it is!"

Likewise, he would just hand us out gift in a bag, when asked why he didnt wrap it his answer was "Why wrap it? It will only make a mess, you know what it is anyway, and if you dont know what it is, you find out whether it is wrapped or not"


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