Wednesday, October 06, 2004


In most places the French seperate their toilettes from their bathrooms. Our apartment is an exception but that is only because its so small. Normally they will have a very small room with just a toilet, and then another room with a bathtub and sink. Which I suppose is very helpful when someone is taking a bath and you have really got to go. It would also be nice to not have a toothbrush right next to where you potty. However, I always get grossed out walking from the toilet to the sink with dirty hands. I try not to think about the door knobs.


Jamison said...

no comment....

...wait, this is a comment.

Brew, how did you post a pic on your blog, I want to do that, and, where did the pic go??? I dont see it anymore.

midnitcafe said...

Look on the opening page of blogger. They make you download a little piece of software and it will post pix for you.

i deleted my pictures because i didn't like the editing options they provided. So I just put my pix on the webshots site and told their stories.