Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm back

We finally got an internet connection. We actually signed up 2 weeks ago and even got the modem and software about a week ago, but we've had to wait on the phone company to push the button to get us the DSL connection. so every day Amy and I have tried to sign on with complete dissapointment until today.

Unfortunately I did not keep a manual journal of my adventures so I will have to go from memory, which is routinely bad.

The apartment is pretty nice. It is quite small. There is one main room which is slightly bigger than an average apartments living room. We bought a click clack which is like a nice futon, so it doubles as a couch and bed. We have a coffee table, a nightstand and a desk in it. All of which is not cramped at all. Then there is a very small kitchen. It holds a sink, 2 cabinets, a little pantry, a dorm fridge and a giant toaster oven. We also have a full bath. It has taken a little getting used to since we were used to a nice two bedroom house. It is inexpensive for its location in france. We are in the heart of downtown Strasbourg, and only a 5 minute walk from Amy's school.

I have taken some pictures which I will post in the next day or two.

I am still thoroughly enjoying France. We live in North France in a part known as Alsace. From what I hear it is a very different part of France than like Paris and South France. There is a lot of German influence since its so close to the border. Plus Strasbourg is "the capital of Europe" and holds the Parliment for the European Union. So there are lots of different cultures here. So it is nothing to here French, German, English and other languages while walking around. There are quite a few Jews and Asians living here as well, and a rather large Muslim population.

I am a little sheltered. The majority of the church speaks English and there are several Americans as well. Also Amys department is English so all of them speak my language as well. So it is very much not an immersion into French culture. I think that has made my time here a much better experience.

Yesterday was a good day. I had to go to French class in Ilkirch (a suburb of Strasbourg) and Amy had other things to do. So I navigated my way by myself there and back. I even stopped by Auschaun (sp?) which is like a wal-mart on my way back. Its such a simple thing, and a trip I have made many times with Amy, but it felt empowering to do it on my own! It's like I am a child in many ways because of the cultural and language differences, so all the little steps are a big deal. Even buying a loaf of bread was huge for me today.

I think I will stop here and write another blog in a minute to break them up a little.


Jamison said...

You make me want to come visit yall even more now!

I heard over there you have to buy groceries everyday because hardly anyone has big fridges like we do in the states. Makes food fresh all the time, but I guess it is a pain buying food daily...

of course being jobless, it may be fun for you!

midnitcafe said...

I think larger fridges are more common than they make you think. Some of the smaller apartment complexes don't have them. Like our little one is actually owned by the girl we are subleasing from, but the larger ones have them. The bagettes I think everyone buys everyday regardless. It's funny but we haven't really bought a lot of fresh food. We just buy a little bit of canned food more often. But that's mainly because money has been tight because Amy had not yet been paid. We plan to start going to one of the several markets though where fresh food is supposed to be cheaper.

Jamison said...

please tell me walmart does not exist over there...