Sunday, October 31, 2004

I'm going to Kehl you

We went to Kehl, Germany yesterday. Most items are significantly less expensive in Germany than in France. And since Amy got paid we decided to go shopping. The bus only got as far as the France side of the Rhine and then stopped telling us it couldn't go any farther due to some demonstration. So we walked. As we were walking across the river we noticed several International and German police milling about. Just over the river at what must have been an old border check point there were all kinds of police standing around and blocking traffic. There were also several demonstrators of some kind holding colorful signs and a few men with gigantic cameras who must have been the press. We never did find out what the heck it was all about.

In Kehl we took a wrong turn and wound up following one of the main highways instead of turning down a side street and into the shopping areas of downtown. We got hungry so we stopped at a McDonalds for lunch. It was about as awful as the American version. Humorously though, an outside window of McDonalds advertised that it had a bar and had the silhouette of naked ladies usually seen on trucker mud flaps! Fascinating!

Last night we went to the pub with Laura, her parents, and Damien. Damien and Laura are fellow teachers of English with Amy. They were talking about the lessons they did using the letters written by the Brittish to undecided Ohio voters, and the subsequent flack from those letters. If you haven't heard about it click here. Anyway, Laura and Damien both had their students write similar letters as writing practice. To their horror some of the students actually mailed the letters! If the Ohioians got that mad over Brits writing them can you imagine what they'll do when they get similar letters from the French!?! And these are English students so their vocabulary is limited and their grammar even worse!


mmullinz8 said...

Dude, you could have been part of a revolution or something. I've never participated in a demonstration. IN the Ridge there is a group that protests one of the plants at least once a month. It starts with a march lead by Buddhists banging drums and ends up with a bunch of folks sitting visiting for several hours. They stake their signs and proceed to gab with each other. I've always wanted to get out of the car and watch but picking my nose seems a bit more interesting most of the time.
So to strip clubs at McDonalds have "value meals" too. "I'd like the #2 lap dance with super sized knockers, hold the mayo of course."
I'm sure that Amy and her buddies are aware that they are on the verge of causing an international battle of epic proportions. Partially educated French students with poorly constructed English are writing letters to well armed, partially educated, middle Americans. Should the two ever meet the intellectual ferocity would be enough to charge 3 40 watt light bulbs.
I feel trouble ahead. Here is the question I do have, did any of these students put their return address on the letters, if what would they do if they get a response?

midnitcafe said...

Well if it was a revolution, it was a quiet one. there were more cops than protestors or whatever the sign holders were.

Strangely when we went into the McDonalds we didn't actually see any bar like happenings. You could buy a beer, but you can buy a beer just about anywhere in Germany. I'll post a picture of it in a minute.

I'm not sure if any of the French students put return addresses on their letters to Ohio. I keep waiting for the CIA to show up wanting to see Amy.

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