Thursday, October 28, 2004

No Vote

We were unable to get the absentee ballot for the US elections. I talked to someone at our local registration board and she didn't have a clue as to how absentee ballots work. She transferred us to the specialist but all we ever got was voicemail. We could have downloaded the application online, but we would have to go to an internet cafe to print it, and then find somewhere to print it. Timewise we would have had to overnight the application and ultimately the ballot. In the end we just got busy/lazy and didn't get things done.

This morning Amy was supposed to be at her class by 8 am. She set the alarm for around 7. It went off and I remember hitting the snooze button and rolling back over. Either it went off again and I simply turned it off instead of snoozing or when I snoozed I accidently hit the button to turn it off. Either way, it did not go off again and I awoke at about 7:40 to realize Amy was still in bed. Poor girl had to rush around and fly out the door to make it. Luckily we live about 5 minutes away from school so she wasn't too bad off.

It is another rainy, dreary day out there today. All in all the fall has not been as bad as I suspected. We've had several spouts of sunshine and warm weather. This is always followed by several days of drizzling rain, but hey at least we've had some sun. The winter, I am afraid, will be miserable.

We are tentatiely planning a ski trip in the Alps. Prices are quite expensive but if I can get the AIMers to come then individually the price won't be too bad. We cannot actually go to the Swiss part of the Alps because our Croatian friend does not have a proper Visa. Croatia is not part of the Euopean Union and to get a Visa for a country that is part of the Union is quite difficult. Now that he is in France (part of the Union) as a visitor it is not wise for him to leave the Union (Switzerland) and try to come back in. So we are looking at maybe hitting the mountans in Germany. Amy has never gone skiing before, and I am psyched about her learning in the Alps, even if she is not.

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