Saturday, October 16, 2004

Petite France

Amy and I went to Petite France today. It is one of the older and more beautiful districts in Strasbourg. It used to be the tanner district, but now it is basically a tourist trap. There are tons of shops and restraunts there, all of which are way over priced. However it is also very beautiful. It runs right along one of the canals and the buildings look like old Europe. They all have German and French trim and those crazy high oblong roofs. And every window has flowers in them. It was funny because it is called Petite France and yet nearly everyone there was German as were many of the shops.

The French language is killing me. The other two boys in my class pick things up really quickly and have sharp memories. Where as the old man that I am take forever to grasp the simplest concepts and can't remember them after 5 minutes. Amy says she will help me practice, but we have yet to work out a schedule. Oh well, I suppose I will learn a little here and there.

Did I mention there is dog crap everywhere? The French love their dogs, and even though the law is they have to scoop the poop, they seem to refuse to. They try to be relatively kind and have the dogs go near trees or at least the edge of a curb, but sometimes its right smack in the middle of the sidewalk. yuck!

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