Sunday, October 10, 2004

Star Wars, Gonna See Star Wars

Went shopping today for basic odds and ends. I pretty much have to go shopping with Amy anymore because we don't have a car so I have to help carry the goods. This totally stinks because 1.) I hate shopping as a general rule 2.) I hate shopping with Amy especially. I hate shopping with Amy because 1.) We argue like cats and dogs and 2.) she loves to shop. Even though we make out a list of things to buy, Amy still goes down every aisle and looks at everything declaring its something she really wants to have. When I tell her she really doesn't need it she gets made at me and if I concede to letting her have it she will stare at every conceivable type for hours trying to decide on which one to get. She went to get envelopes and sat their for several minutes trying to decide on which ones to get. There was one box of a hundred for 1 Euro, while the rest of the boxes were at least 1.5 Euros and above. I figured this out in about 20 seconds while she still sat and pondered which box was best. Now these envelopes weren't for real mailing we just wanted some to put various papers and budgeted cash into around the house, so style and size mattered not. When I asked why she didn't just grab that one she was pondering whether she would actually need 100 of them. That's the stuff that drives me crazy. I'm like its the cheapest, who cares if we don't need them all. She's the type of girl who has to read the back label of everything. Which can definitely be good in ways, and then times like the envelopes it drives me nuts.

This evening we went to Jill and Pamela's house. They cooked meatless spaghetti and then the girls made these fake stain glass window hangings while I watched Empire Strikes Back on VHS. I so have to get it on DVD. I just drool every time we go to Auschaun and I see the box.

On the way back from Jill and Pams while waiting for the tram we ran into the most interesting people. Two teenage boys were sitting on the bench drinking Jack Daniels. But the interesting ones were a group of three goth looking chicks. They had the long black clothes, the dyed hair, the pale skin the whole goth thing going for them. Two of them were sitting on each others laps kissing each other. Not to the point of making out, but frequent enought to get a good stare from me. To which Amy said let's move to the other side of the station. The really interesting part is when they got on the tram. One of the goth lesbians decided to sit upon these little poles that standing tram riders use to hold onto. It has this curved handle part that apparently is wide enough to make a seat. Then she sat in a real seat only to whip out not one, but two hamsters and place them on the handles. Practically the entire tram is watching these girls and their hamsters including a tram inspector. The inspector came over and told the girls to move to the back of the tram, not because of the hamsters but because they had a bike and bikes go to the last car of the tram. Guess where me and Amy were? So we got lesbian goth chicks with hamsters up close and personal. They did have the decency to ask Amy if she minded, and I got to wonder where these girls came from and where the heck they were going.

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