Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Walking in the Rain

Today at about 12:30 Amy called Daniel to ask something and we found out he was heading to the bank to finanlize several of the AIMers accounts and wanted to know if we would like to do the same. Once again slow French systems, we've had an account for more tha two weeks, have deposited and withdrawn several times, but its not a finalized account yet. Doing this will also get out bank card as well. Anyway that means I have to go to that particular branch because thats where I starting opening the account. This is about a 45 minute trek via tram and bus so I have to quickly throw shirt, socks and shoes on and run out the door. Amy gives me quick instructions which is two bus stops past the stop we take to Daniels. So I take the tram to the bus to two stops past Daniels. Guess what? There isn't a bank anywhere. On the bus I noticed a branch of our bank one stop before Daniels. So I walked a half mile or so to their. It was closed and Daniel was definitely not there. Then I decide that maybe it was farther on the other side of the first place I stopped. So walk another mile or so down the road to no avail. Did I mention it was cold and raining? And I didn't bring my umbrella. So by this point I am soaked to the bone, have no idea where the bank is and am terribly late. I get out my map and a letter from the bank with their address and realize that branch is in Illkirch while i am in Otswald. I find the right street but it is long and I am in no mood to walk up and down it so I walk to Daniels. Tammy treats me to some hot tea and gives me a towel and dry shirt. Eventually she drives me to the bank where I am told the lady I need to see is all booked up for the day so I make an appointment for tomorrow.

Four hours and all I get out of it is an appointment to come back. But now I get to make Amy feel guilty since she told me the wrong stop and guilt her into being nice to me for the evening!

Another weird French thing I thought of is that they don't do AM and PM everything is on military time. So after noon I have to do the math in my head when I look at any clock but my watch.

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