Tuesday, October 19, 2004

You Get What You Need

Making a mix tape for our pumpkin carving party in a couple of weeks. Listening to some Rolling Stones at the moment which is where the subject comes from.

We went to my French tutor (Anne) and her husband's (Mohammad) apartment tonight to watch some of the Presidential and Vice Presedential debates. It was quite funny because she was very explicit in saying that we would only have chips and cokes and not an actual meal. So Amy and I rushed back from the store to fix us some supper before we left. After about 30 minutes Anne retreated to the kitchen to make us some sandwiches and then about 30 minutes after that Mohammed made us some ice cream floats. We are so stuffed now! The debates were, um, interesting. I had read most of the Presidential debate transcripts online so I knew most of the rhetoric, but it was a much different thing to see them say it. My favorite non political moment was in the opening of the Vice Presidential debate when John Edwards was introduced and he flashed that million dollar smile of his. We rewound and played it over several times busting out laughing each time.

Unfortunately I believe Amy and I have missed the deadline to vote this election. We talked to a lady in our Indiana countee about the Absentee Ballot, but she was pretty clueless and gave me the number to the specialist in that area. I have only been able to get voicemail for her. It is a short time span between now and the elections and they have to mail us the ballot and it has to be back by noon election day. We have been trying to find a way to get the ballots through the mail in the time span alloted, but I think we are not going to be able to. We can fax the applications, but cannot locate a place to print the request from the internet and fax the request in France.

My blogs are getting a little less frequent these days. I guess that just shows that we have really settled in and I have gotten a routine going. There is a lot less things to do now that we have settled besides the regular things that have already been discussed. I did add some more pictures of the folks from church. So anyone interested in putting some faces to the names I have wrote about may now check do so at my webshots site.


Jamison said...

oh, and ive meant to ask you, have you guys been to normandy yet?
If we visit, I wanna go there.

midnitcafe said...

We have not been to Normandy. We haven't been many places out side the city yet, actually. Normandy is definitely on our list of places to visit though.

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