Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blog the Vote

We went to Elizabeths last night to have an election party. It was fabulous. She cooked this huge two course meal with an appetizer and dessert! Damian and Laura were there plus Flor, a very sweet French lady who speaks very good English. We had our time zones wrong though because we suspected to start getting election results at around midnight, but it turns out they weren't really coming in until about 3 am! We did turn the television on and watched some French commentators talk about the election. It was funny because they had converted their set into a mock up of the oval office. So you had these French reporters discussing the American election in a white house set! You could tell all the American news networks had all the cool people to talk to because the French kept getting these lame American people I've never heard of to talk with in Washington. We took their commentary until about 1 am and hit the sack. I set my alarm to 6 am this morning to catch what I thought would be final results. Of course at 6 the results weren't all in so I went back to bed and got up again at 7 am. Again no results, crash! Back up at 8. Urgh, still no results, that danged Ohio! It's now 2 pm and we still don't have a true final result. It looks like a Bush win though.


Mae said...

So good to hear about your adventures in France and Germany ~ esp. funny about the hampster carting lesbians! I put a link to you on my blog so maybe you'll get a bit more traffic. It's so great to hear from you and see how some of the FU gang is doing.
Bush did win again ~ not the long, drawn out stuff from 2000, though, thank goodnes!
Ok, my comment is long enough so I'll bid you good day! :)

midnitcafe said...

Welcome to Brewland Mae! Thanks for the link. I'm suddeny desperate to have more traffic to my little site (after spending so long debating whether or not I should let anyone read it) and get some comments.

Yeah, Bush won, I'm not exactly thrilled with that decision, but it is nice to have a decision made. Not that I would be particularly thrilled with a Kerry victory either.