Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I've been slowly updating the site. I finally figured out how to get my picture back into the main page. I've also added a list of the current books I am reading to the side bar. I've always wanted to write real reviews of the books I read, movies I see, and music I listen to. The writer in me always wants to do it for writing practice, plus those pipe dreams I have of being a writer usually clash with the reality of practicality of 1)I'm not a good writer and 2)the only money I might ever see in writing would be reviews. The critic in me is perpetually writing reviews in my head, so I might as well write them for real right? I'd also like to have reviews of mine for future reference. A nice handy guide of the things I liked and panned and the reasons why. So maybe, I'll use my free time in France (and there is plenty of it) to start writing reviews. I suspect I would place them on a seperate blogged.

Potential problems with this idea is that I rarely read a new book, my taste in music tends live in the 60's and 70's, and it's a rare thing to see a movie here in France. Does anyone want to read reviews of old things?

I have been trying to write something original of late. I have a number of ideas for short stories and novels, but I find I don't have the patience to write them. Everything I write I cringe at. I've had better luck with telling some of my own stories. I've always enjoyed telling stories about my life, and think I have become pretty good at it, so I am trying to get them into a written form. Perhaps I will blog them sometime...

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