Thursday, November 04, 2004

Christian Science

We went to a lecture at the university last night about science and the Bible. It was presented by a science professor at a university in Australia. Luckily he did not speak French and so I got a lecture in English (of an Australian variety!). I went in expecting to have my intellect stimulated and my morals offended by some liberal rhetoric. Instead I found it morally sound and intlelectually offensive! It was presented by some Bible study group on campus and not the actual university. My belief is that the lecturer was afraid of offending what must have been a wide variety of religious backgrounds, that he kept his talk very tame doctrinally speaking, and rather simple intelectually speaking. The only highlight was when an obvious American girl started a tirade against the speaker because he actually did mention his personal belief that Creation was not over a literal 7 day time span. The lecturer would not spar in public though and simply stated they could talk about it after. Where is Dr. Thompson and Apologetics Press when you need them?

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