Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Few Changes

I have been periodically reviewing my old posts to edit them. I am trying to not make any real changes in meaning, but have been cleaning up their spelling and grammar. I have also been adding periodic links. I have always liked the internet concept of linking to various topics within a certain post. It's like an annotated thought. To find more information on this subject click here. In doing this I have noticed some minor changes in my blog concept and have wondered about the future of this blog.

Initially I meant the blog to be a journal of my experiences in France. I wanted to keep track of the places I went, the sights I saw, and perhaps, keep track of my feelings during all of these expeirences. I had no idea if I would allow anyone to read it at all. Slowly I did allow people to read it. First my friends were allowed to view the blog then acquaintances were allowed, and finally I have made efforts to let anyone and everyone to read it. On this end I have been visiting a lot of strangers blogs and commenting on them. Figuring the owners and any visitors would read my comment then click to see my blog and they I would have more visitors. This has actually worked to some degree and now I have some regular visitors.

By visiting other blogs I have also seen how other people are putting together their blogs. I've found that I am rather bored with play by play experiences of daily life. Most of those are quite dull. This doesn't mean that I won't continue doing some play by play of my own life, even though it may be rather dull as well. I have too many family members reading this and they like to be kept up on what the heck I'm doing here in France. And at least I am abroad and therefore, a little more exciting than writing about being in Indiana :) I'm also not going to get into political blogging. Politics drives me bonkers most of the time, and there are plenty of political commenntators out there if thats your schtick. And I don't plan on making this a real personal diary, discussing the details of every mood and thought. Nor do I plan on getting into religion or philosophy. That's just not my style. I do plan on adding some different things to my blog. I recently added the book review of sorts and got a little bit of positive feedback from it. I think I will begin adding various other reviews and 'top whatever' lists.

Well that's all I wanted to say. Kind of a dull post, but I wanted to throw out some changes to the blog and to say 'THANKS' to all my devoted readers. All 4 of you!

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