Sunday, November 14, 2004

French Kissing

Have I mentioned the French are very affectionate? Besides having to personally greet them when you enter a room and then say goodbye to each person when you leave AND that crazy cheek kiss thing you have to do to everyone, they are constantly touching each other and if they are a couple doing even more! It is nothing to see a couple give a kiss on the tram, or the side of the road. And we're not talking a quick peck here, it's usually a good full mouth romantic kiss. Yesterday while waiting at the tram stop a couple across the tracks was making out! I just want to carry a sign around saying "Get a room!"

I took my first French test on Friday. I bombed it madly! Unfortunately I had left most of my books at the boys house on Wednesday and therefore was unable to really study for it. I looked over what notes I had a little, but they were pretty useless. The exam was about 8 pages long. One page I could actually answer fairly well. Meaning I knew what it was asking and thought I knew the answers. Another page I knew what they were asking, but was unsure of the answers, or rather unsure of the sex of the nouns and thus unsure of the answers. All the other pages I just stared at blankly remembering that we had studied it, but not having a clue as to what to do. Talk about a humbling experience. Ann felt so sorry for me that she came over Saturday for free and went over it with me.

Pamela came over for dinner last night. She was our first real dinner guest in this tiny apartment. Amy cooked quesadillas and guacamole salad. It was quite delicious. Then we had strawberries for dessert! Quite lovely. It was good to see we could actually have a small dinner party in this place as well.


carrie said...

Sorry to hear about your French test. Better luck next time.

Many countries outside the US show more public affection than we do. My husband is from Argentina and there it's normal to kiss friends when you meet them out somewhere, regardless of your gender or that of your friends. We had one of his male friends over not long after we got married and it seemed a little awkward when we met him at the airport and he and my husband kissed on the cheek and then he gave me a kiss as well and I had never met the guy before. It's just a different culture. They think we're strange for being so stand-offish.

midnitcafe said...

You are right, its definitely a cultural difference. And I think I sounded more negative about it than I meant. It took me a little while, but I have definitely gotten over the double cheek kiss as greeting thing. In some ways that is kind of nice, a personal, intimate touch. Although doing it to complete strangers is a little odd still.

It's the passionate kissing in public that still gets me. I mean these are not playful pecks on the mouth we are talking about. I see very passionate, open mouth kissing going on all the time. And it's not like I hang out it dark clubs, or bars where alcohol might fuel that behavior. I see these people on crowded trams or standing on the street in broad daylight! Which again is a cultural difference. It's just more acceptable to be physically passionate here, doesn't make it any more odd to me though!

Of course, this is the same city where I often see grown men urinating on a street corner! And we're not talking drunken winos here either.

Foolish Knight said...

I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with your post, I just wanted to thank you for defending one of the best movies ever made! (Also I'm very curious as to how you found my blog, it's a joy to meet someone new!)

midnitcafe said...

No problem on defending Casablanca. Really I just wanted to know WHY that person didn't like it. I mean how can anyone not like Casablanca. Although my suspicion is that that poster is young, and doesn't like older black and white films, but we'll see if I get a response.

I came across your post quite easily. In the dashboard of blogger (the screen you see when you first log in) they have a section of most recently updated blogs. Yours was in that list at the time. If you've read some of my own posts you'll see that I have been trying to comment on a lot of different peoples blogs to get my name out there a little. By commenting I leave my little link out there and hopefully more people will come to my site. I try not to be too jerky about it and leave decent comments on sites I do find interesting, like yours.

Foolish Knight said...

Thank you.