Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gobble Gobble

Turkey day is here tomorrow. It doesn't seem possible because a) it just can't be the end of November, can it? and b) it's France and they don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so there aren't any markings of the holiday anywhere. And of course no day after sales.

I wish the half dozen who read this a very Happy Thanksgiving though.

We went to the library today and I got some more books. I updated my little homepage with this. I never did finnish the Kesey book. It was very large and difficult to get into and my check out time was running out so I just gave up. This is something I often do with books. Usually it is a mood thing. Where I just can't get in the mood for that particular book and put it aside, hoping I'll come back to it.

I've once again picked up a Chanlder. I'm quicly going through all the classic detective books. I looked for some Agathe Christie, but I could not find anything. The Shipping News is a book I picked up a few years ago, read 50 pages or so and then had to turn it back into the library. I liked what I read and I can't remember now why I didn't finnish it. I'm often a very slow reader and I suspect I just didn't have time to get through it with library deadlines. I know I know you get three weeks on first check out and then you can recheck, but still...I often get distracted by other books, tv, movies, life.

I've read good things about The Corrections, and frankly my choices of books that both interest me and seem like something I would actually sit down a read are getting much smaller at the language library I've been going to. Luckily I have another big library at the university and the big public library to still go to.

I'm working on another list like the Cover Songs list just posted. This time it is greatest film actors. Start making your own lists now.


Foolish Knight said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Which books did you check out? Also; I've neglected to tell you this but I can sympathize with your situation because we (my family) were missionaries in Europe for five years. Pretty much anytime we wanted a book we didn't have we'd have to either borrow it from a friend's well stocked library or see if someone could send it over from the US. I don't recall ever visiting a library there though.

midnitcafe said...

I updated my front page with my book choices. Look down and to the right. Cool deal about your family. How old were you at the time? What part of Europe were you in? My wife's parent's were missionaries in Sierra Leon, Africa for several years. She was born there and spent maybe a year there before they left for Georgia. So I know lots of stories about misisonaries and their families.

Foolish Knight said...

I was about seven. Wow, that was long time ago.

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