Saturday, November 06, 2004

I need More hits

When I first started writing this blog, I really wasn't sure who I would allow to see it. Slowly I invited only my close friends, and family. Now I have pretty much invited everyone I know and am dying to have more people visit. I have installed a little hit counter and get e-mails with the number of visitors I've had. I can't tell you how invigorating it is to have a high hit count! Still no one leaves comments but a few. So if you are reading this, please leave a comment. Also invite your friends. On the blogger home page they list a few of their favorite bloggers. There is one guy in nearly the same situation as me. He is from the states doing a year exchange, and they have him as a blogger of note. And he's only written like four things, and its been a month since he wrote! Come on people, I write a heck of a lot more than that!

Sorry for the little rant there.

Yesterday I went to a little party at Lauras. And by the way there are finally some pictures of our friends from the university on my webshots page. It was quite fun. Like everyone else here she has a little studio apartment and we crammed like 25 people in it. So we were all standing around talking and laughing. And of course half of it is in French with my wandering around joining in any English conversation I can find. As the night wore on everybody started just sitting on the floor. As the night wore on more, everybody started getting quite drunk. Which was our cue to go on home.

Apparently the party was for 'bonfire day' which is some wacky Brittish holiday celebrating the capture and burning of some Catholic who tried to blow up parliment ages ago!

Today has been pretty lazy. We went to Auschan and got some groceries. Amy and I of course fought during this drugery as we always do during shopping. This time it was over her being late as usual for our meet up spot. I have once again swore to never go shopping with her again.


Mae said...

Hit me! :)

Clarissa said...

Bless your heart. I've popped in several times. If you put up a really fascinating post, you might even get a link!

Mae said...

To be completely honest with you, the way I've found to get hits is to comment on other's blogs. In return, they visit you to find out more about you and your witty comment and leave their own comment, thus making the hit counter rise. The other option is being semi-famous (i.e. Mike Cope). Hope that helps make the #s tick away!

mmullinz8 said...

All of a sudden you are some sort of maniac begging for vourers. I knew that living in France would twist you. I'm sorry that I've not written in a while. Sadly on that note I've got to run, catching up on your life has depleted my response time. Much love as always, best to you and yours, God's speed, blaa blaa blaa.


midnitcafe said...

Thanks to the three who commented. It is funny how at first I didn't want any hits and now I am begging for them. I think at first I didn't know what I was going to write, or how personal I was going to get, and wasn't sure I wanted strangers reading me pour my heart out. Now I have set the standard for my writing and I don't mind people reading it. If you don't blog, its hard to explain how gratifying it is to see you get more visitors and comments.

Thanks for the tip Mae. I had thought about that myself, but feel kind of stupid making comments. 'Great site!' 'Good point!' just sound silly. But I want more hits, so I'll probably do it.

Welcome Clarissa, thanks for stopping by and commenting. What would you consider a fascinating post? Do you want more graphics? Maybe another picture? Should I get more personal with my thoughts? Am I boring you? Should I travel Europe more and tell their stories? Should I tell funny stories from my non Europe days to make this more exciting?

Clarissa said...

Hey, I'm female. Fascinating depends on the mood of the day.

Jamison said...

wow, if I knew youd have so many "skirts" on your blog i woul dhave posted more often. But I am not just blogging because it is cool. Like Barbra Mandrell said " I was blogging, when blogging wasnt cool"... technically, I guess that is untrue...

midnitcafe said...

So I am now leaving very random comments on very random peoples pages. I imagine if a lot of people started reading this and leaving comments I would probably get tired of it and tell them to go away! Thus is my life.

carrie said...

So that must be why I got a comment about my son. I understand now.

By the way, I am so envious of you. I would love to be in Europe!

Have fun.

midnitcafe said...

It is indeed why I posted a comment about your son. Sorry to confuse you like that. I just wanted you to visit my site! He is a cute kid though :)

lee said...

I am fascinated with your impressions of France. My big bro lived in Sarguemines several years ago, helping build and manage the battery plant built by GM. The local govs were so appreciative, they named a boulevard for him and made him the speaker at the annual July festivities. He married a French woman who owned a Mexican restaurant in Metz where she employed a Swiss chef. When their rat terrier "met" a German spitz and had pups, he sent one of them to me. We named her Francee, but ultimately had to relocate her to our aunt's farm in Indiana. Seems like everytime we opened the door, Francee tried to run for her homeland.
Big Bro retired a few years ago in a fixer upper on Antheor, in Agay, near St. Raphael. That's where I spent three weeks a few years ago, and haven't been the same since.

midnitcafe said...

Welcome Jesses mom! I get e-mails whenever anyone comments on my blog, but they don't tell me which post they comment on. I had to do some searching to find you way back in November! you'll find plenty of impressions on France here. Although some of my earlier posts (as I assume you are finding way back here) are more interested in figuring out France. I've been here long enough now that EVERYTHING isn't fascinating.

A boulevard named after your brother! How cool! Funny story about your dog. I'm actually "from" Indiana (meaning that is the last place I lived in the states, but didn't grow up there)!

Anyways, welcome again and come back often.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I don't like being rude just to be rude, but I have to say that I loathed your review of the movie SAW. People like you who has a bunch of crap to say about a movie should actually make one themselves before you waste your breath and my time having to read your drivle.

It really gets under my skin that you took the liberty to insult a brilliant movie that succeeded in making it's point, even with a moron like you, who obviously completely missed the point.

Before you decide to talk s**t about a movie.. Go make one yourself and better yet, write and act in it as well.. I'm sure yours would really suck and then ass***es like you could attack you.

these FIRST TIME moviemakers and actors (some of them) should be commended for their efforts.

Do us all a favor and don't review any more movies please!

midnitcafe said...

Congratulations "anonymous" you are the first person to make a negative comment on my blog. I actually appreciate all comments but it's nice to get something that isn't praise from my friends and admirers.

I understand part of your point about creating art over criticizing it. Certainly it is better to create than just appreciate and review. But to say that you are not allowed to criticize an art form simply because you have not made that particular brand of art is pretty silly. Everyone reviews movies in their head. Even if it is no more than "that was funny" I choose to put a little more energy into my reviews and try to understand what made the movie enjoyable or unenjoyable to me. I also choose to write these things for others to see.

Reread my review and you will notice that I don't say that Saw is a terrible movie. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. I do applaud James Wan et al for their effort. However, I find the end result to be flawed.

You obviously disagree. Why not lay down why you think this movie is so brilliant instead of just insulting me.

bigsip said...

Anonymous apparently has no concept of what it is to review something. Perhaps some actual analysis of the movie and reasons for why it was so "brilliant" are in order. He/she/it may want to take that into account before dashing of a poorly conceived diatribe to someone who actually took the time to THINK about what he wrote. Bravo Anonymous, for spelling out your complete lack of debating skills so that we might more ably eviscerate you on this blog.