Monday, November 29, 2004

Long Time Gone

"There were days
and there were days
and there were days between
Summer flies and August dies
the world grows dark and mean
Comes the shimmer of the moon
on black infested trees
the singing man is at his song
the holy on their knees
the reckless are out wrecking
the timid plead their pleas
No one knows much more of this
than anyone can see anyone can see"

-Robert Hunter

Sorry I have been away for a bit my blogger friends. There was Thanksgiving and then our friend Kate came over for the weekend, so I have been rather busy and unable to sit at the computer and blog.

Our second Thanksgiving was quite wonderful. We had Thanksgiving proper with the American misisonaries, Daniel and Tammy and various folks from the Church. We had it at Fabienne's apartment. It was quite an adventure getting there. Amy and I first took the tram to Ann and Mohammad's flat. Then we all took another tram to a bus stop. We weren't sure what bus to take so we just jumped on one we thought might go the righ way, then looked at the map to see where it went. We quickly decided that bus was the wrong one so we took it to another stop and got out. After some confusion which was cleared up by asking a random bus driver we found the correct bus stop and hopped that bus. This bus took us to Daniel and Tammy's house where we awaited Daniel to drive us to Fabienne's. All of this was with me lugging our big cart around stuffed with food and Mohammed carrying a big heavy box!

We arrived at Fabienne's with me realizing that the turky breast I had been carrying in Daniel's van had dripped juices all over me. It soaked my coat and my sweater, so I spend the rest of the evening smelling like turkey! The food was lovely and the company pleasant. We did another round of hand turkeys. Jill even brought feathers in various bright colors which added to the festive turkeys.

Kate is our friend from Indiana who is doing an exchange in a little town south of France. We had a lovely weekend with here visiting. Friday and Saturday we spend wandering around the city taking in all of the Marche Noel. Stasbourg has many Christmas markets throughout the city. They have lots of ornaments and your basic assortment of Christmas stuff on sale. Plus they have a very nice variety of foods and drinks as well. They sell a malt wine that is wine heated on a stove (so that the alcohol is pretty much burned out) and mixed with lemon, orange and various spices. It is quite tasty. We also had a waffle covered in Nutella and a hot orange drink.

Sunday we had our third Thanksgiving dinner. Amy and Kate cooked a full chicken and made yummy dressing with sweet potatoes, and gravy. I tell you I have eaten so much delicious food the last few days I'll have to diet for months to get back into shape!

Well that's my story of not writing for a bit. I'm still working on my list of favorite movie actors and some other things to blog. So, I should be back tomorrow with more bloggings.

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