Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Mamma Don't Take My Kodachrome Away

I have been making myself lists each day of things to accomplish. I had become so lazy and complacent that I really need a list of activities to accomplish. This has actually helped out a lot. I've managed to write a number of pages on my book. I have made some cds for friends, blogged, and done a lot of reading. Here's to hoping I keep it up.

I am kind of fibbing on the books I am reading section of the front page. I am also reading a book by Mary Higgins Clark that Tammy gave me. It is so horribly written I was embarassed by it. Let's just say it involves kidnapping and multiple personality disorder! How much more cliched could it get?! Why do people buy this kind of trash? Why do I keep reading it? That ones easy enough. Tammy gave it to me and I'd hate to tell her I didn't read it. Even though she admitted it was awful. Plus it is super fast and easy to read and gives me something to do while I'm in the bathroom. I understand why people don't read. They are very busy with maintaining a social life, working, keeping up a romance, taking care of children and there is the almighty TV that keeps us all entertained. But of the people who read, why would you purchase such dumb books? And obviously they do because she, and many others like her, are on the best seller's list all the time. I understand the need to read something light that doesn't make you think too much. I understand reading as escapism. But there are so many other books out there that aren't too demanding, that create wonderful, frightening, mysterious, hilarious worlds to escape into. I don't mean to sound like a book snob. I was that for many years, and have since overcome my 'you shouldn't read anything but the classics' phase. It just makes my head spin that this tv movie of the week kind of book actually sold buy the truck load. For the record, the title of this one is All Around the Town

And now as I look at that Amazon link, I realize the average reader rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars! Here is one of their reviews.

"Laurie Kenyon was kidnapped at the age of four, and was returned to her family two years later. Now, her parents have died, and she's suspected of killing her English professor. This book has it all - short chapters, excellent plotting, psychology and even an Australian character in this American book. Go on - read it! (A+)"

Short chapters! Psychology! An Australian! These are the reasons I should read this book. Sweet lord, I'll shut up now before I go insane.


Jamison said...

i seem to remember you praising one main thing about "Jurasic Park":

midnitcafe said...

There are good things about short chapters. Especially to someone like me who hates to put a book down until I am done with a chapter. But I wouldn't ever add that to my two line review of the book and make it get an extra star for that one item.

My point still stands. How are these people rating ths trash so highly. I'll admit I like to watch bad sci-fi and horror movies, but I realize and readily admit they are bad! I'll now even concede to why people would read this type of book, but to give it the highest rating possible is just insane.

bigsip said...

I am still on the Classics kick. I read other stuff occassionally. I read Animal Dreams not too long ago. A little naive, but not bad. What is the premise of your book Brew?!?! You probably said already, but I either forgot or missed it...

midnitcafe said...

Currently I'm writing little stories from my own life. I'm trying to not make it like an autobiography, but rather funny, weird stories I have experienced or heard about.

My original book idea was to have an English speaker get a job as a French translator without actually having any knowledge of French. I had thought this person would use a dictionary and do word for word translations adding a his own flair to it which turns out to be highly acclaimed. But I found writing it difficult and that I am a poor fiction writer.