Saturday, November 20, 2004


We had our first party last night. We invited all the AIMers over for snacks and fun. Amy has been wanting to hold a party for ages but we have neglected to actually do one until now. Mainly because Amy gets the idea in here head and wants to make it absolutely perfect which means a lot of preparation. We're both slackers so the preparation never actually materializes into reality so we never have the party. Finally I said let's just do the inviting and then we'll prepare whatever we can and still have fun. So it was pretty tame. We had snacks and drinks and sat around chatting until Balderdash was brought. Unfortunately the tram line to our place was down this week and the last bus left at 10:30 so everyone had to split pretty early. All in all it was fun, and nice to actually have people over to our cave.

Tonight we go to Elizabeths for her turkey party. Well I should say chicken party since you can't really find turkey here until December. Being France they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so the turkeys don't come out until Christmas time. But the chicken should be grand. Next week on Thanksgiving proper we are having a turkey party at Fabiennes. And then on Friday Kate is coming over for the weekend so we'll have to do a little meal for her. That's a lot of good Thanksgiving eating!


Mae said...

Parties are going on everywhere ~ sounds like you all had a great time. Happy Turkey day to all! What are you going to do w/ out the Macy's Parade and football games coing out of your ears?!! :)

midnitcafe said...

Oh I know, I will be desperate on Turkey Day to watch some American football. But all I will get is some soccer or rugby.

At Elizabeths party is was quite humorous because several attendees were Brittish and had never celebrated Thanksgiving (think about it) so we got to celebrate their first. By the way I have posted pictures on my webshots page of both parties if you care to have a look.

happy thanksgiving to you, Mae