Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Top 5

Five things I hate about Strasbourg.

1. Caca. The French seem to love their dogs, but here they don't know how to use a pooper scooper. Their is crap literally everywhere. No matter how careful you are you're just bound to step in a pile sooner or later.

2. The language. I like the actual language, it flows quite beautfully from a native tongue. Problem is it just gets stuck on mine. I'm trying to learn to speak French, but most I'm just frustrated.

3. Traffic. So many of the drivers here are just nuts! They drive incredibly fast,pay no attention to traffic laws even though the roads are narrow and windy. Not to mention they park anywhere and everywhere.

4. Weather. It's nice one day and cold, damp and drizzly the next six. It can never just rain here, its got to drizzle for days on end. I don't know how many times I have opened the blinds to see some sun shine only to walk down to the street five minutes later and find the sun completely covered by dark clouds.

5. The Euro. This is less about my dislike for the French currency and more of my lack of them. The dollar is worth less than the Euro so all my saving before I came comes out to much less than I hoped. We are living without any income from me so we have to live on a lot less than we are used to.

Five Things I Love About Strasbourg

1. Scenery. Strasbourg is a beautiful city. With the canals, old buildings, and abundance of flowers, everyday reveals a marvelous view.

2. Doner Kabaps. I've already raved about these lovely sandwiches. They have replaced my hamburger cravings nicely.

3. Boulanger/Patissier. Why we don't have these bread and pastry shops all over in the US is beyond me. There is nothing better than a freshly baked bagette or a chocolate croissant in the morning.

4. Eating the tip off a bagette. Now that it has turned cold it is a miserable experience walking to the store everyday to buy a bagette. The saving grace is biting the tip of the bread off as I am walking home. It is so crisp, and soft, and WARM! It's a little piece of heaven.

5. The people. French stereotypes are so wrong. At least from the people I've met here in Strasbourg. Everybody has been incredibly friendly and kind. No, not every single person runs up to you to talk or help, but this isn't fantasyland, its not like that in the States either. Sure, a lot of stores could stand a little more customer service, but I have experienced none of the snottiness or rudeness I had come to expect from the stereotypes.

...My plan was to have a top ten of both categories, but I couldn't think of any other things I hated. I'm sure I will later. I also wanted to have some pictures to go along with it, but haven't figured out the html with the blogger yet, and I don't have all the pictures. Hopefully I will come back to this post, and improve upon it.


Jamison said...

yep, im still reading your blogs, not posting any to mine though... did your wife like the comments i left about you at xmas time?

midnitcafe said...

What comments were those?

Jamison said...

your sarcastic nature... when you said "what do you want me to get excited about? It is vegitables!"
I assured her that this was so brew!
Remember how you acted when josh and i would wrap xmas gifts for you? And how you would act when we got upset at you for not wrapping our gifts?

"Why would I wrap it? You told me what you wanted! You know what it is!"


"why did you wrap it? I told you want I wanted! I know what it is already! Whats the point?"


midnitcafe said...

We had a good laugh about the Christmas story. It was after she had gotten over being mad at me over the vegetables and a very nice way to laugh about it and my nature!