Monday, December 13, 2004

Another Manic Monday

I just posted my 2010 review. Got partially through a mini review of Touch of Evil and the Corrections before some weird glitch happened and it was deleted. We'll see if I write it again...Today I plan to watch the Abyss so keep an eye out for that review in a couple of days.

We spend the weekend bumming around. Amy went to the girls to make Christmas decorations and so I watched 2010 a little earlier than planned. We "rented" Bridget Jones Diary as well and watched it last night. Not sure yet if I'll actually review it.

It snowed a little here. Nothing to write home about. The cars have a thin layer and you can see it in grassy area of the cities. I swear to you every single car that has a layer of snow on it also has writing in that snow. It's like there is this whole pack of snow grafiti artists who lie in wait for the first snow and then attack with smiley faces, santa clauses and a wide variety of perversion. Very odd it is.

Just found out Amy only has one class today so I might not get to watch the Abyss as planned. We'll see how it goes.

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