Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Books Are Coming

I was going to a long treatise on what I have learned while being in France and the differences in races in culture, but something happened and that's out the door.

We got our books! We got our books! In case you don't remember the book problem. Click hereto read my post concerning the matter. Amy was very excited about it until we actually got the books home and she opened them. Then she realized this means she has no reason not to study for her Ph.D exams! yuck. But me, I'm thrilled. Now I have lots of good books to keep me busy when I am not reading something from the library ;) There were three boxes packed inside a giant shipping bag. Initially we began dragging the bag down the street, but after a few minutes Amy decided to run and get the cart we used to buy groceries and what not. She removed the bag and it made a makeshift hand cart. Instead of just waiting with this giant bag full of boxes on the side of the road, I decided to keep dragging it. So here I am this very bundled up American boy dragging with large bag full of boxes down the streets of Strasbourg. Let's just say I got more than a few odd looks. As I dragged the bag began to rip open so I kept turning it over to a non ripped side. The carboard corners of the boxes made this terribly loud noise as I walked which drew me even more absurd looks from fellow street walkers. Finally Amy came with the box and we got it into the building. The elevator, for some reason, didn't stop at our floor, number 2, but kept going to floor number 4. Oblivious to this fact we went to where our apartment should have been if we were on the right floor and wondered why the keys weren't working! Red faced we realized our error and took the elevator back to the second floor and made it home!

As I look at my books I remember my process of selection back in America. I decided that since I would have plenty of time to read I would send myself many of the big fat books I never get around to reading. So I now have Les Miserables, Of Human Bondage, The Fountainhead and several other mountainaous tomes. To offset these bohemoths I then filled the rest of the box with sillier novels like Forrest Gump and Bridget Jones Diary.

I haven't yet finnished watching 2001. I just can't watch that film in one setting. So my review may be a few days later than initially stated. I'm also realizing there isn't a chance of me giving an in depth review of what it all means or of all the techniques used to make the film. There are plenty of other places to get that information anyway. I will probably make more personal observations about the movie and what it means to me. Not that anyone really cares anymore.

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