Thursday, December 09, 2004

A Little of This, a Little of That

I am already re-editing my 2001 review. That's quite a movie to get just right. Not a lot going on today to talk about. In doing a little laundry I discovered I am missing two pair of blue jeans! Because laundry is so expensive, and our inability to do laundry and Daniel and Tammy's, we have been rather behind on our laundry for many weeks. Our tendency has been to do the necessity items when needed, and to throw an odd pair of pants/shirt in with those. We haven't actually launered all of our clothes in well over a month! This being true, I have no idea when my jeans went missing. I could have left them at Daniels, or the boys, but my suspicion is somebody swiped them when we did laundry at one laundromat. There is one mat we went to a few times that has a person on duty who supposedly watches the clothes so that you don't have to stay there. This person also moves the clothes from washer to dryer and folds them when everything is done. All of that and it is actually a little cheaper than most of the do-it-yourself laundromats. However, the last time we went I noticed that the person on duty doesn't really watch the clothes all that well. In fact several times that we have come in, there was no one out front at all. So in one of those absences I suspect someone may have seen my pants and ran with them. Who knows, maybe I'll find them under the couch!

We are going to see Touch of Evil tonight. It is playing in VO which means it retains the original English sountrack with French subtitles. I have only seen this film off of cable so I am quite excited to watch it again on the big screen. I'm not sure if it is the original version or the recent "director's cut." Apparently the studio made a number of changes to Orson Welles version of the release. Welles wrote a 58 page memo detailing the changes he wanted to make to the version actually released. The studio paid him no mind. However, in 1998 some folks took the memo and trie to re-edit the film according to that memo. That version is quite a movie. Next week we get to see Casablanca at the same theatre! Cool beans! They actually show quite a few older movies and have some pretty neat "festivals" showing the films of a particular actor or director or theme. Needless to say, I am excited.


mmullinz8 said...

I dug the 2001 review. I finally read the book and as usual I liked it more than the movie for I think the same reasons that neither you, nor I can sit through the movie in one fail swoop. I think you've read the book too? Either way, how Clarke explains what the monolith is doing to the apes is wonderful. Like wise, to the men later on. All of those really long segments where we're watching something happen like the apes and drifting in space and finally the lights are made much more important in the movie. I had no idea what the ending lights were about until I read the book. My problem with movies is that I'm constantly going back and forth between trying to figure out what's going on using or not using symbolism, dialog and action and trying to simply enjoy the feature. Good review.
You sent Forrest Gump to France? At least you'll have something if you run out of toilet paper. If that monkey, chess playing, astronaut, ping pong, pulp had been what was put on the silver screen Hanks wouldn't be rolling in the cash he's in now. Great movie, bad book. "And that's all I have to say about that."
Sorry about your jeans, I think that if you've been wearing them that long they could have actually gotten up and walked away.
Stay safe.

midnitcafe said...

Thanks for the compliment. I have not yet read the book to 2001. After I watched the film again I did some research into the film and ran into several comments about the book and its explanation behind the evolutionary themes. It was enough to make me put the book on my mental list of things to read.

Yeah, I brought Forrest along. It was in a Red Cross book sell as fund raiser a few years back. I nabbed it when they were selling full bags of books for a couple of bucks. I decided it would be an easy, light read inbetween my readings of Hugo and Hemingway.

Foolish Knight said...

Touch of Evil, wow, you'll have to tell me if it's any good. Believe it or not I've only seen one Orson Welles' movie, and you know which one that is.

midnitcafe said...

Touch of Evil was fantastic. It was my second time to see the movie and watching it on a big screen made it even better. I went with Amy, Damien and a friend of his. I was the only one who had seen it before, and the two besides my wife are typical new movie watchers in that they "don't usually like black and white movies" But even they loved it. The opening scene is a must for any true film enthusiast. It's a 3 minute plus uncut tracking shot that is simply amazing. The rest of the film aint too shabby either. In my book you can't go wrong with a Orson Welles film. Especially when he directs. So go watch Touch of Evil now and then pick of the Third Man.

Foolish Knight said...

Oops, I'm sorry, I misled you. I meant I've only seen one movie that's Directed by Wells. The Third Man is one of my favorites.