Friday, December 17, 2004

One More Friday Night

Wow! It's been a few days since I last wrote. I keep promising myself to write everyday and I keep not doing it. I can't say that I have been busy, but I guess I have been busy enough to keep me away.

I still have no managed to watch all of the Abyss for my review. I guess I have been slightly busy. Hmmmm, what have I been doing since Tuesday? Wednesday is Amy's day off so we piddled around, had French class, went to church and planned our Casablanca trip. We spend most of the afternoon, on Thursday, at Elizabeths. There we had lunch and made tons of cookies. Well, I should say Elizabeth and Amy made tons of cookies while I sat on the couch, read, and ate the cookies. Daniel and Laura joined us a little later and we all sat around eating cookies. They were all going to the departmental Christmas party that night while Amy and I went to Casablanca. It was very disenchanting because weeks ago Amy got an e-mail inviting a few folks to go to dinner at this nice restraunt. The invite said nothing about it being a Christmas, or year end party at all. It sounded more like Amy's boss had found a cool restraunt that had excellent tarte flambees and wanted an excuse to go than a departmental party. So Amy and I decided that we really couldn't afford to pay the estimated 50 Euros to have tarte flambee. That night we realize it is in fact a Christmas party and everyone is going! Typical French to make a vague invitation and expect everyone to know it is a Christmas party even if there is no way we could know that.

Interestingly enough on our way from Elizabeths we ran into Amy's boss. He was quite dissapointed in us not going to the party, but we did our best to explain our misunderstanding. No kidding ten minutes later in the exact same spot we ran into our friend Nadia. No, we weren't standing in the same spot waiting. We had actually gone to the house, grabbed a sandwich and headed out to see Casablanca. Totally weird to run into someone else in the same spot not but a few minutes later. We often run into people we know on the streets of Strasbourg. It's got a half million people in it, of which we know maybe 20, but at least once a week we bump into a familiar face. Ah, France!

Casablanca was, of course, wonderful. I will wait to review it until I watch it again on DVD. This viewing was pure joy and I didn't bother myself with an objective view. Unlike Touch of Evil, Casablanca was playing in the big theatre instead of the crappy basement theatre. It is one of those old gorgeous theatres. It has big red curtains, a real balcony, and fairly ornate architechture. The print of the film was pretty bad. There were lots of crackles in the soundtrack, lots of smudges in the picture and several moments jumped forward a second or two, missing some classic lines of dialogue. We went with Jason, Ivica, Pamela and Jill all of who had never seen it before. It's such a pleasure to me to watch classic films that I love with people who have never seen it. During the scene where Rick and Ilsa are seemingly getting back together I could hear Pamela making a ruckus. At first I thought she was making fun of the movie and not liking it. Then I realized she was enjoying the film and was upset that Ilsa was with Rick while still married. I wanted to whisper to her that it works out in the end but she was too far away. After the movie she was beaming with joy over the fact that they did the right thing. I have talked to a few "younger" people about Casablanca before and found they didn't like the ending because it wasn't the traditional happy ending. It was quite unique to find Pamela thrilled for the same reason. All in all everyone seemed to love the movie. Ivica struggled with some of the dialogue because English is not his first language and because of the poor quality of the print. Although he did tell me that 'that Rick is a pretty cool guy." I had to agree.

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