Thursday, December 02, 2004

Take My Chances

This will be short. I was unable to post yesterday due to some problem with blogger. It would let me view my blog, log into my blog, by I couldn't access any of the editing menus and was not able to create a new page.

Amy and I have created weekly schedules for ourselves. I have posted mine on my closet door. It's not particularly full, but hopefully it will give me some structure and I may actually accomplish some things. I have allocated Monday afternoons as a time for me to critically watch, read, or listen to something. Which is a good term for goofing off with a pencil. Or, rather, to watch a movie, listen ot a cd, read a book and take notes. Hopefully that will lead to some reviews on this page. We've also scheduled some walking so maybe we'll get into a little better shape.

I got an e-mail yesterday from a girl on one of my e-mail groups. I have created a little signature on my e-mails leading people to my blog and my pictures. It seems this girl saw I was in Strasbourg and e-mailed me because she was thinking of a visit here soon. It was fun because I got to act like an expert on the city and tell her all the places to go. Brewster's Tour Guide....


Foolish Knight said...

I can't wait to see the fruition of your new "critical time".

mmullinz8 said...

What a cad. It's good to hear that you're settling into some sort of organized confusion. I'm enjoying your reviews, keep it up. I think that you should start some sort of esoteric zine that ends up in the strangest of locations through a series of seemingly unrelated events. Actually I suppose you would only be responsible for the zine and others would do the rest. Regardless I could see some writing in a more structured format. I mean news papers aren't about news anymore they are a collection of commentaries, which is basically a review of something.
Rambling, sorry.
Our strings seem to have quieted down a bit, maybe it's the holidays, once I'm back at my desk regularly I'll try to stir things up again.
Much love to you my old friend.

midnitcafe said...

I had always wanted to create a 'zine back in my college days while editing the regular school newspaper. But like so many things I've wanted to do it just kind of fizzled out. I have been wanting more and more to create kind of a zine feel with this blog. Reviews, thoughts, opinions, quotes, poetry and whatever, a great big mish mash of what's in my head. But I still have to anchor it will basic life news to keep my family posted.

I decided the way to do my movie reviews was to go through the movies alphabetically. First movie in my collection is 2001! Holy smokes, talk about a tough review. That means I have to sit down and actually watch the thing intensely, try to figure out what it all means and then actually write something coherent. Cross your fingers it doesn't destroy me!