Monday, January 17, 2005


My faithful readers will notice a new link in my sidebar. I have joined as a reviewer. Basically I will be joint posting my reviews here and there.

If you are linking to my blog from blogcritics, welcome! I have been reviewing my dvd collection for the last couple of weeks. Here you will not only get those reviews, but my feelings on spending a year in France with my wife. She is doing a teaching exchange from Indiana University, and I am...well I'm taking some time off and enjoying the French experience.

So for my regular readers go visit blogcritics. It's a cool site full of reviews/discussion on movies, music, books, politics, and just about everything else. Oh, and please visit my little space on their site by clicking here. They do a really cool job of putting pictures up on the various movies I talk about in my reviews.


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midnitcafe said...

Thanks. Not that its that hard to get on board there. Basically you have to write a review/critique/essay on pretty much anything and they'll let you in. It definitely makes me more interested in writing more, and that more solidly.