Monday, January 10, 2005

A Fine How Do You Do

Seems I've been reviewing a lot of stuff lately, but not giving any details on my life in France. We've had a fine week back from Paris. The weather has been for us at least. It was still 70 percent cloudy and overcast, but it remained rather warm for January. We even had a couple of bright sunny days (like today).

I've been mistreating my French tutor. Last Monday I was playing and a game and forgot about my session. Luckily her previous student had a cell phone and called me. Today I completely forgot about it. Amy came home from school and said we were invited for tarte flambees in a few minutes. My stomach got the best of my memory and out the door we went. It was into our second flambee that I suddenly remembered and flew out the door and ran to Subway, our meeting place. She had already left by that time. I came home to an e-mail wondering where I was. It's amazing that I only have about two things to do a week around here and I still can't remember to do them.

Tomorrow we're going out with Daniel and Tammy. We'll bring laundry over and then go to dinner and a movie. A double date it is.

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