Friday, January 14, 2005

A Non Movie Review Post

Sorry that it seems all I have been doing is reviewing movies lately. I've gotten into a nice groove of watching/reviewing and my real life hasn't been that exciting.

I've been a bad boy this week. Monday I was supposed to have a French lesson with Ann at 5 pm. The lessons are normally at six and I totally forgot about the time change. At 5 I was making supper (tuna patties, which were surpisingly delicious) and thinking about the supposed lesson at 6. At a quarter after 5 Amy came home and said Elizabeth had invited us to dinner. The selling point was we were going at happy hour when tarte flambee's sold for 2.80! In my excitement I put away the tuna, rushed out the door, and totally forgot about the lesson. It was midway through the second flambee that I suddenly remembered the lesson. I ran out the door and flew to Subway. Alas, no Ann. Which was actually good since I was really late, but she has waited for me a long time before. I felt even worse when I got home and realized that not only was I late for my 6 lesson, but it was actually at 5!

Tuesday we went out to dinner with Daniel and Tammy. We went to a little Italian joint downtown. I had a delicious lasagna, Amy had a pizza. The waiter was very rude. He quickly took our order, delivered our food, and took the check. No smiling, no chatter, no extra stops. We decided it was because were were obviously American and spoke English. Afterwards we headed to the movie theatre, but Amy developed a headache and we decided to go home.

In a few moments I am going to deliver a couch. A friend of Jean Claude's is giving him a couch so Daniel and I are picking it up and then lugging it up 7 floors to Jean Claude's place. Oh what fun I have in France.


Helen said...

Question... 'cause Mr. Walcott and David and I were just discussing the lack of use of motor vehicles in foreign countries... It's pretty standard not to have a car in France, right? Or at least a lot less common a possession that here in the States...

midnitcafe said...

Well, I can only speak from what I know of living in France (which certainly isn't the whole of France, or Europe for that matter) and from what I have gathered from other Europeans. Anyways cars are pretty prevelant here. It's not like the streets are empty or anything. But public transportation is a different beast here. Where in the states it seems like public transportation is taken mostly by the poor, here everyone rides a bus once in awhile. The trams run through major sections of the city and busses go everywhere else.

I think the difference in owning cars is that in the US families generally have a car for the husband, a car for the wife and seperate cars for each child who can drive. Here families seem to have only one car. From the people I know only one owns a car that is under the age of 30. But of course I mostly know people who are abroad and not French citizens.