Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow Another Day

Daniel and all of the AIM missionaries went to Belgium for a conference this last weekend. It was decided that I should preach on Sunday. There was a time, many a year ago, when I aspired to be a minister of some sort. I gave up that aspiration for various reasons and haven't done any type of preaching/teaching in a very long time. The last time I did anything like it was in 1999 where my parents were going to church in Grove, OK. At that time I read a few passages from Pascal and asked the audience what they thought about it. Unfortunately I left my Pascal in America and knew I would actually have to lead some sort of sermon. I worked a few things together and padded it with a lot of Scripture. Luckily there were only about 5 of us there. Half the congregation was in Belgium and the weather was poor enough to keep the rest at home. The funny thing was that even with so few Jean Claude was there and he doens't speak English. So Tammy had to translate everything for him.

We went to Laura's home in the evening. A bunch of us ate pizza and watched a movie. The movie was French, but was about a young man traveling to Spain and living with an ecclectic group. It was difficult for me to follow. Most of it was in French, but the group that was living together all spoke English or Spanish. So I got a French soundtract part of the time, then it would switch to Spanish with French subtitles or English with French subtitles. I would concentrate really hard on what was being spoken to understand what little French I could. Then I would have to stop listening and try to understand the French subtitles. Then it would turn to English being spoken but it would take me a minute to realize I could actually understand what was being spoken and stop reading the subtitles.

We went home around 1 in the morning. It was cold and snowing! A beautiful snow too. Big bright, fluffy, flakes coming down all around. It packed rather well as well so we had to throw a few snowballs. Suddenly I became the loud guy on the street who I am normally cursing. It didn't last too long and now there is hardly a remnant left.

We're trying to plan a vacation in February. Originally we thought we'd go to London and then maybe Dublin, but it is looking a little too pricey for the moment. So now the plan is to take a tour of German castles. We'll see if that works out.


lee said...

Are you familiar with the Operation French World ministry in Strasbourg begun by Bren and Cheryl White? They're currently looking for a short term worker at the Strasbourg Bible Center.(
Bren inspired the name we gave our youngest son!

Speaking of names, if you happen to find yourself in Sarguemines, and happen to see Douglas Edwards Boulevard, it is named for my brother, the great-nephew of Joe Franklin--administrator at Indiana University--Franklin Hall. You never know when a bit of trivia will come in handy!

midnitcafe said...

I don't know Bren, but my wife worked with him on a mission trip in Montreal, Canada. The Strasbourg Bible Center is headed up by Daniel Frerot and you will see him mentioned in my blog. I'm not really much of a missionary myself, but I help him out when I can. He currently has 5 AIM students giving him a hand. Small world.

Again I don't know Joe Franklin, but my wife is of course familiar with Franklin Hall since she is a grad student there.

Small world. Now I have to ask, who are you? Where did you find my blog?

lee said...

I wish I could remember what link I followed to your blog! It must be someone we have in common. The "French Connection" intrigued me and I enjoy your posts about life and happenings abroad. The reviews are good too!

I know Bren's parents, Joe and Wanita, from the Elmwood Church of Christ, where my husband and I were members while we attended Purdue. (That was my little rebellion, not joining in the Franklin fun at IU!)
Jesse was born in Lafayette, and I created a blog in order to comment on her mission trip blog last summer.

It's fun to publish without impressing an editor, so what I began on a lark has become a snowball. As you've probably noticed, it's an outlet for deep stuff my family would rather not discuss with me!!

By the way, you might enjoy reading Gregory Edmont's hilarious adventures of travel across France on a scooter with his dalmation. The book is called: Spotted in France.--Lee

midnitcafe said...

Cool. Nice to know you. I'll have to look up that book. I am finding there are many books about traveling/living in France that are quite good. Strange little subgenre, but one I am living.