Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Some Sort of an Apology

I'm sorry my postings have not been as frequent as they once were. I'm still not feeling 100% these days and it is difficult to write coherently. I have a couple of essays going, but I am still fine tuning them. When my head clears a little I'll polish them up and get them out. Also Amy has been diligently grading her finals and trying to do some research of her own. This is to say she has been hogging the computer. Not that I mind so much. Her work is much more important than my occasional humorous rambles in blogland.

It's been pretty dull here lately anyway. I feel like I should go places and do something exciting, but its just too cold and miserable. I look at the window and see the gray skies, feel the cold air and stay inside. My French lessons are still managing to make me feel miserable, and dumb. I've actually learned a great deal, and find myself able to understand more and more. Yet there is so much that I don't understand and forget it drives me crazy.

As an addition to my shopping story from the other day I have to ask, how hard is it to have your money ready when the cashier is ready for it? Me, I get my wallet out while I'm waiting in line. I make a good guess as to how much it will cost and get the bills out. If I am paying with a card, I get it out. That way when the time comes, BOOM, I'm ready and done quickly. But no, most people stand stupidly when the time comes fumbling through purses and pockets trying to locate their card or correct change. OOOOh that gets me so mad. Correct freaking change! Just use the bill man! I'll give you the extra ten cents if it will get you out of here!

At the local store they have started hoarding their sacks. I guess a lot of people were running off with more than their fair share of plastic bags. Now the cashier hands you 2 or 3 bags when you checkout. They don't know what a bagger is in this country so you have to bag your own groceries. Today I to sack my goods and there is only one sack available for myself. I fill it up but still have several items remaining. My cashier is turned around yacking to the other cashier and paying me no mind. I'm trying to figure out how to ask for a sack (is it "donner moi sac, or donner vous sac?") Finally the cashier turns around, but she starts checking out the next lady. I blurt out "la sac!" and the lady in line is kind enough to say something sensible so the cashier will pony up some bags. She gives me three without an apology or even a sympathetic smile.

Ah, life here isn't that bad. Since I've been feeling ill my attitude has dropped. Really, I like it here. We're actually considering staying another year. But it will take quite a miracle to find the finances to allow us to stay. As time drones on, I realize how lucky I am to be able to take a year off and live abroad. Going back to work begins to hover over the horizon and I cringe. Vivre la France!

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