Monday, March 21, 2005


The people have spoken. I will begin adding more daily life information into the blog. I think I ommited it for awhile because I was thinking too far ahead. I am really enjoying writing the blog posts each day and have begun to think about what happens when I leave France. No one is going to be interested in my daily life in Indiana. That leaves humorous stories and reviews. Well, I've only got so many stories to tell, but I can keep reviewing for a long time. Eventually, I'd like to have a site with loads of reviews on it. But, that's way in the future, and for now, I'm still in France. So, I will continue to post the bits and pieces of my day.

Speaking of which here's how my day has gone so far. Once again we received notice that our water was going to be turned off from 8:30 until 12:30 this morning. I was unable to rouse myself out of bed until about 8:25, pure laziness I know. I jumped into the shower to find a tiny amount of pressure and no heat. Somehow I managed to wash my hair and body, but didn't try a shave. Though clean, I didn't feel shower fresh, and felt this was a bad omen for the day.

Our friend, Pamela, has gone the way of the Brewster and spilled some kind of sauce on her keyboard, rendering it useless. She does not have a regular keyboard port and asked us if she could switch out the USB keyboard she gave us with a regular one. We did that yesterday only to come home and find out the port I thought was for a keyboard, is in reality, a port for another monitor. So, I ventured out to FNAC this morning to purchase a keyboard. The cheap ones only had the PS/2 connections and would not work with our computer. I managed to find a nice looking cordless USB keyboard for 40 Euros. Double checking to ensure that I had the right keyboard with the right price I moved to the cashier thinking I had a real bargain. Apparently I needed a triple check because she announced that it was 150 Euros! At first I wanted to argue that the tag said it was much, much cheaper, but my language skills kept me from it. Then I stammered like an idiot. I can never remember the verbs: to need, to want, and must. Finding know way to say "I don't want this," I kept saying I was sorry and to please excuse me in French, and "I don't want this" in English. She got the picture and reminded me of my verb (vouloir). Felling that I had let down my entire country by being another stupid American who can't speak a lick of French, I went back to the keyboards scratching my head. After confirming that the keyboard appeared to be only 40 Euros I decided to take the tram to another store.

A tram ride found me at Auchan. There I investigated the keyboards very carefully and decided on a very nice 40 Euro model. I wandered the store for several minutes hoping to find one of those price checkers they have on the walls periodically. The only one I found was broken. So I held my breath and stood in line. While in line a man with a shopping card full of water pulled in behind me. The cashier began saying something to him very rapidly the only part of which I understood was "caisse vert." This also happened to be printed on a sign above the cashier. "Oh no," I thought, "Why is it every time I stand in line at Auchan there is some strange business with the color green?" The man proceeded to take the water out of the cart and push the cart aside. "Perhaps this is a no cart aisle" I said to myself. Inside I was afraid the “vert” had something to do with greeneries meaning groceries. The aisle I was standing in was on the grocery store section of Auchan, and I began to think there may be some separation of purchasing stations. But no, the cashier got up to talk to the cart man. In this moment she was replaced by another cashier thus free to do as she pleased. After a bit of conversation with the man, both of them retrieved the cart and pushed it to where they are kept. Cart man returned to line and everything was fine.

Oh, and my 40 Euro keyboard, was actually 40 Euros this time.

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