Friday, March 18, 2005


I recently searched my site for an old post. While doing this I noticed the huge number of reviews I have posted recently, and the small number of non review posts. I had intentionally phased out my day to day activities, but I was hoping to have well written story posts more often. It seems I am failing in this regard. So, this brings a question to my mind. What do you guys want to see? I haven't ever solicited a response from my readers before, but I would like your opinion now. There's a pretty minimal amount of readers anyway, and I'd hate to be running them off with a bunch of reviews, when everybody would prefer to hear about my day.

Do you like my reviews? Would you like to continue to see them on my blog? I will continue to write them, because I enjoy doing it. But, I can post them to blogcritics without any problem, and merely supply a link to those post in my reviews page.

Would you like me to post the day to day actions of my life? I will continue to post well written stories from time to time. But I realize that there isn't that much happening to me these days, and so these stories will be spaced out quite a bit. If requested I could fill in the blanks with rather tame tidbits about what I do in my daily activities.

So let's hear it. What would my few, faithful readers like to see?

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