Monday, March 07, 2005

A Slight Mishap With Chocolate Final Copy

I have decided my foibles with chocolate milk and the laptop should be combined into one post for posterity. Thus three posts are now one.

Last night I was working diligently on the computer (ok, I was playing games as usual) and drinking a very large glass of chocolate milk. I took one swig too many and the milk went the wrong way and had to eject. My reflexes were not good enough to stop the exploding milk from landing across the keyboard. As quickly as I could I dried the milk. Then I tried my best to clean the keyboard. Everything works properly, thank goodness. However, several of the keys stick, and I have to use great force to get them to type. We are going to a shop Wednesday to have it fixed. Until then I shall be brief in writing since it is a great pain to type. I am unsure how quickly I shall receive the computer back after Wednesday, so I may be completely down for a few days.

Day 2

Besides having the annoyance of sticky keys we now also have a phantom typist. The letter "l" periodically begins typing itself across the screen repeatedly though no one is near it to actually press on the cursed letter. If I am lucky enough to be on a Word document, I quickly receive a page full of "l"s. More likely than not I am elsewhere and thus given more grievance than that. If I am on the internet the mysterious typer causes all other internet functions to shut down so that the "find" function can begin searching the page for "llllllllllllllll...." On other software the "l" will bring up some unwanted function, or if not function is available, the computer produces an obnoxious repeating error sound.

Kindly enough my French tutor's husband has offered to take a look at the machine and take it to a local shop to have it fixed.

Day 3

Arriving at my French tutor's house for my lesson, her husband began promptly looking the sick machine over. After a few minutes he rushed out of the house and down to the local PC doctor. Back with a frown, he said that not only would he not work on a Dell computer, but that no one in the entire city of Strasbourg would. Not wanting to believe that, we ventured across town to a larger computer shop. Again they said they would not work on Dell computers, because that company does not want to work with them. The kind man behind the counter did relay that Dell had a store in Paris and that they would send someone here for a fee of 78 Euros. Realizing that this was only the fee to get the tech here, and that there would be an additional fee for parts and the tech's time spend working, my heart sunk.

We were able to reattach the keys (for they had been pulled off earlier to try to de-stickify them) and keep the phantom typist from typing again. Though the letter "m" no longer works at all. The control keys do not work either so, in order to type "m" I have to copy and paste it using the mouse. Shortly I will go insane of this.

Day 5

After insanely typing using the copy/past method we have found salvation. Our dear friend, Pamela has let us borrow an extra keyboard that she had. It is a French keyboard so all of the keys are in the wrong place. I was able to configure it to type like an American keyboard, however all the keys are still labeled like the French version. I am a good typist so I do not need to look at many keys, but a few such as parenthesis, have become a bit of trial and error as I try to remember where they are located. At least we have a "m".

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bigsip said...

Just hand write everything until you get it fixed, Brew...

Speaking of hand-writing, I find it to be very theraputic and more peaceful in manby ways than using a computer. I hand-wrote my entire first novel before typing it into the computer for saving, formatting, etc. There is something very earthy and exciting about sitting down with my pad and quill every night to delve into myself, looking for something to express. Right now I am only committing myself to 1 page per day until I finish this second book. It is coming along pretty well and is a large departure from the historical fiction I first penned. This one falls somewhere between literary and science fiction. I will make sure to get it to you once I finish it. Keep writing Brew!!!