Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Stories in French

As a compromise with my French tutor (did I mention I got another lecture the other day?) I have promised to talk more. To encourage this, we have decided on me telling her a story at the begining of each lesson. Back in the day I loved to tell stories and have a stock pile stemming from my experiences as...well, me. In order to round this blog out a little more I have decided to relate some of those stories here. No, not now, for it is late and my wife hogged the computer most of the evening. So blame her! But soon a few shall start to putter out. This will be on top of the normal stories about France and of course the reviews. I have several of those coming shortly. I'll be reviewing Out of Sight tomorrow and then my recently finnished readings (How to Be Good and Phantom of the Opera)after that.

So keep your eyes out.

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lee said...

If it helps any, my French sister-in-law is also a demanding woman--very loving--but with high expectations of herself and others.
Within an hour of my son's arrival at her French abode, she was tutoring him in French, and writing down verb tenses for him to memorize. The jet lagged teen--he had flown into Nice from an all day layover in London, then rode the hour to her house for his extended stay-- could barely prop his eyes open and she was already giving him lessons!