Monday, April 04, 2005

Boring Details About My Day

It has been absolutely gorgeous here again for the last several days. My now daily walks to the park are gaining me a red face and a slimmer belly. There are few things better than being able to pull your belt a notch tighter.

Along with my park walks, I have nabbed what I feel, are some very good photographs. Please visit my webshots pages and take a look.

It looks like we'll be taking a bit of a tour of France next week. Amy has a two week vacation from school so we though we'd go visit the other regions in France. We hope to hit Lille, Normandy and a few castles in the middle of the country. More details will come when we have them.

Astute observers will notice I have fewer links on my blog these days. There are several reasons for this. They are a pain in the butt to install, and I figure you guys can go to google and search for that stuff on your own if you like. I had originally planned to have interesting and well researched links, but that takes far too much time than I care to give to the project. Also Google search rankings go down whenever you link to a sight that doesn't link back to you.

Speaking of Google, my blog counter gives me information on how people get to my blog. This includes linking here, or what web search they came from. Two of my favorites are searches for a popular ice cream chain "Brusters," except the searchers mispell the name to read "Brewsters." The other searches involve a picture I took at a German McDonalds (which you can see by scrolling to the bottom of this link) The picture consists of a window advertising a bar located in the McDonalds shows the naked silhouette of dancing girls, the kind normally seen on truck flaps. The funniest of these searches involved Yahoos engine where someone searched for "naked silhouett" and came to my site. From there I got several links from Yahoo mail. Presumably the anonymous searcher found the picture so interesting he had to e-mail it to his buddies.

My little stint on is going quite well. They are getting upwards of 40,000 visitors a day and so my reviews/essays are being read by a lot more people than I ever generate on this little piece of cyberspace. That's a bit exciting, and rather daunting.

Well, my friends, I believe that is the boredom for today.

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