Wednesday, April 06, 2005

No Water No Cry

Once again this morning our water was turned off, that makes it six times since we’ve been here, I believe. I have no idea why they need to turn it off so often. We were awaken by some insistent hammering, drilling this morning, that must be a part of it. Unfortunately, the hammering didn’t come early enough. The water was turned off at 8:30 and we had forgotten about the notice we received yesterday, so we slept right through. Ugh, no water is miserable. No shower, no drinks, no washing of the dishes from the previous night, no flushing the toilet. The notice said it would be back on at 12:30. We decided to sit down and watch American Beauty to pass the time. It finished right on the 12:30 nose. “Ahhhh,” we said, looking ever so forward to a long shower.

“It’s not working!” cried Amy from the bath. Indeed, she was correct, out water was still not working. Hoping it would only be off for a few more minutes we began straightening the place up. Ten minutes later and it was still off. I settled in to read a book, and Amy checked her e-mail. Thirty minutes of this and no water in sight. Amy moved to the couch to stare at the side of my head, while I picked up my French homework.

Two o’clock came and we were still greasy as every. Amy had to be at work at 3, in desperation, we called our friend Elizabeth. Thankfully, she was home, and allowed us to jaunt over and clean up. It felt like everybody in France was out on the street gawking at the greasy Americans as we walked over.

It is now just past three o’clock, and we still do not have any water, but at least I’m clean.

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