Sunday, April 24, 2005


Wow! That was a lot of reviews. I guess with a week off for vacation I had a lot of things to review. I still have a couple more to write, but I may wait a day or two. Things have been pretty tame around here the last few days. The weather has been crap too. Lots of clouds and rain.

We finally purchased our plane tickets home. We will fly into Louisville on July 21. Amy did a great job of looking all over creation for a decent price, and found none. It cost us just over $2000! With that cost we have had to rethink our European tour plans. I just had a good long talk with my sister and her husband about it. We have decided to do a 3 day packaged tour of Ireland, then fly into Barcelona for a few days. We plan to take a slow train through France, hitting various smaller towns throughout before we make our way to Paris. We'll take a couple of days there and then head on home. Should be fun.

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