Saturday, April 09, 2005


The florescent light above our kitchen sink has not worked properly since we moved in. After a few minutes of illumination, it will start blinking on and off until it finally decides to stay permanently off. We have switched bulbs, jiggled, wiggled, and finagled it to no avail. I have taken it apart and made sure all of the connections were connecting. Nothing I could do would ever make it work differently. We finally broke down and got a friends husband, who also happens to be an electrician, to come over and give it a look. Within a few minutes he worked his magic and it now works like a charm.

As our luck would have, the very next day, our bathroom light started acting the same way. It continues to blink on and off, and eventually gives out entirely! So, the lamp that was taking the place of the faulty kitchen light has now been moved into the bathroom.

Next week, I will be without the use of the computer. Amy and I are taking another trip. This time we will be visiting our friend, Kim, in Lille. We also plan to take a minor excursion into Belgium and then make it to Normandy. If we have the time, and money, we may venture towards the center of France and visit a few of the castles there.

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