Friday, May 13, 2005

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Once upon a time, Amy and I both purchased monthly tram passes. The idea was that we were both riding the tram enough to justify buying a pass. It was cheaper that way, instead of buying a ticket for each ride. The monthly pass is a driver’s license kind of deal; with picture, electronic devices for to validate the pass for each ride, and a nice little plastic casing. Anyways, due to the sunshine and warmth of the season, I have opted to not renew my pass. I walk pretty much everywhere now. Amy has kept hers though, because she gets a student discount which makes it still worth the cash.

To renew the pass you simply have to find one of the ticket machines, insert your card and pay for a new month. The other day while she was doing this, we noticed an option in which you could buy 30 tickets for 30 Euros. This is a rather good deal, since normally the tickets coast 1.20 Euro per ticket. We decided to go ahead and make this deal a reality figuring I’d use up the 30 tickets by the time we need to leave France. We were quite surprised when, after paying for the 30 tickets, know tickets came forth. It turns out the 30 tickets is actually not tickets at all. They loaded Amy’s card with 30 passes. This does me absolutely no good, because the card is in her name. We are not sure yet whether or not the 30 passes will forward themselves into next month since she has already paid for the month of May. My suspicions are that they will not, and that even though she is paid up for May, each time she validates the pass it will take another ticket off of her stockpile.

That’s 30 Euros out the window.

In better news, spring is back. After a week of rather cool, rainy weather, the sun came back out and the temperature rose. My tan is getting darker.

I went to a screening of the Wild Bunch last night. The local art house is doing a month of classic westerns. Amy was unable to go due to some poor planning with cooking a chicken. Instead I went with my friend Flore. I had never seen it before, and it was great to catch it on the big screen. A review, will no doubt, be forth coming.

As I have mentioned before on Mondays we often go to the local Irish pub to sit around with the English students and Amy’s coworkers. Last Monday was the best time I’ve ever had there. I’m usually not a big fan of the event. I don’t really know most of the students, and though it is an event meant for everyone to practice their English, it usually happens that everyone speaks French. So, I sit, sipping my Coke, feigning some kind of interest. This past occasion was different. Oh, there was still quite a bit of French spoken, but it didn’t bother me so much. Now that I am but weeks away from leaving France, I have gotten to know a number of French students fairly well. Or at least well enough to converse with them without much awkwardness. In moving from state to state over the last several years, I have found this to be the way of life. You spend the first several months living in a new place feeling kind of bummed out that you don’t know anyone, only to really enjoy yourself amongst friends right before you leave.

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