Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dark Star Orchestra To Tour Again After Keyboardist Death

I've decided to post any news type items that I post on blogcritics here as well. The following is a little blurb I did on the Dark Star Orchestra.

Dark Star Orchestra will continue their spring tour after the sudden death of founding member, and keyboardist Scott Larned. After canceling numerous concerts to regroup, the band will restart the tour in New York City on May 27. From there, the band will head to Connecticut and continue to tour the US pretty much non stop until August.

Scott Larned, passed away suddenly of heart failure this past April, while touring with the Grateful Dead cover band. Larned helped found the band in 1997, played keyboards and even did a stint as group manager in their early days. Much like the Grateful Dead, whom Dark Star Orchestra emulates night after night, they have vowed to continue playing after losing a vital member. During their 30 year history, the Grateful Dead also lost 3 keyboardist to untimely deaths, yet continued to be one of the biggest touring acts in the country.

The bands website (darkstarorchestra.com) has this to say about the decision:

The decision to resume touring was an easy one to make; one that we're sure would have pleased Scott. He himself had made many sacrifices in order to continue touring and playing the music that he loved. To do anything but continue onward would be a disservice to his memory and to this incredible group he helped nurture for over the last seven years.

The tour schedule is as follows:

May 27, 28 – New York, NY
May 29, 30 – New Haven, CT
June 1 – Providence, RI
June 2 – Poughkeepsie, NY
June 3 – Red Bankd, NJ
June 4 – Philadelphia, PA
June 6, 7 – Teaneck, NJ
June 8 – Chifton Park, NY
June 10 – Somerville, MA
June 11 – Hampton Beach, NH
June 13, 14 – Burlington, VT
June 16 – Buffalo, NY
June 17 – Erie, PA
June 18 – Bluffton, OH
July 10 – Milwaukee, WI
July 14 – Indianapolis, IN
July 17 – Masontown, WV
July 21 – Detroit Lakes, MN
July 27 – Denver, CO
July 28 – Aspen, CO
July 29, 30 – Bellvue, CO
August 13 – Mariaville, NY
August 17 – Springfield, OH
August 19-21 – Garrettsville, OH

For more information on the band visit darkstarorchestra.com

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