Friday, May 06, 2005

A Day In The Life

It is amazing how that with nothing to do, I still struggle writing for this blog. To demonstrate I’ll break down today’s activities.

I awoke at 8:30 this morning. I then spent the next hour or so checking my e-mail, having breakfast and generally shaking the sleep out of me. Around 9:30 or so I got a shower and dressed. Amy and I then went to the library to return some books. Even though I had promised myself I would not check any more books out in order that I would concentrate on finishing Les Miserables, I check out three more books. We returned home around 11:00. I read for a bit and then fixed lunch. Post lunch I continued my reading because Amy was busy researching our next trip on the computer. I did manage to write out a rough sketch of my For Whom the Bell Tolls review. I also played a little Gameboy. Then it was to the grocery store to pick up the next several day’s meals. Fixed supper and then watched the X-files on DVD. Around 7 I finally got on the computer to start writing a review. It’s not almost 9 and I am just now getting to blog, the first time in several days at that.

I don’t know if that’s bragging that I get to spend my days reading, lounging and writing, but to me it seems like the days just fly and I can’t get what I want to do accomplished.

It has been clouds and rain the last several days, so I have been unable to walk to the park. It has been good time to clean up the house though! There is a new AIMer here in Strasbourg, Kailyn. We had her and Pamela over for dinner last night. She is a very nice, sweet girl fresh out of high school. Her youth and nativity are both refreshing and a little unsettling. It’s been so long since I was so fresh and not cynical that it surprises me when I find someone so buoyant.

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