Saturday, May 21, 2005

Have Some More Wine

Amy’s department at the university had a picnic yesterday evening. Well, first they had a game of football (that’s soccer to us Yanks) which Amy and I were conveniently very late to, causing us to have to sit out and not play. The picnic was a very casual affair with everyone bringing their favorite dishes and sitting right smack on the grass. We had lots of quiches, pastas and vegetables. There was plenty of wine and beer to go around. The French mindset on the consumption of alcohol is very much different than the American concept. The only people drinking water or juice was the smallest of children. When Amy got up and poured a glass of orange juice she was heralded with a barrage of questions and jokes.

“You put vodka in that right?”

“What are you doing? Oh no, we’re out of wine!?!”

And so forth.

They literally could not understand an adult woman not guzzling down wine or beer with her meal.


We packed our first bag today. Our American friend, Pamela, is flying back to the states to be at her brother’s wedding. She has kindly offered to take one of our suitcases along with her. She can ship it to Amy’s folks at a cost much less than we could do the same from France. We’re working on a few other folks who will be making similar trips in the next few months. It’s not that we’ve accumulated that much additional stuff while here. But, that the French airline is stricter with luggage limitations than the American airlines were when we came here.

It feels weird to be packing things up in preparation of our return.

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