Saturday, May 14, 2005

Look! Pretty....

The longtime reader of Brewster’s Millions will notice a few new things here.

“Wow!” you will be saying about now. “Look at all the cool pictures.”

After a few moments of bewilderment, you will probably start thinking along the lines of,

“Why do the pictures link to Has Brewster’s Millions sold out?”

The answer, of course, is a resounding YES.

In reality I recently discovered that Amazon has a cool feature to help web site owners, and themselves, out. Basically I get free use of their artwork, by linking directly to their site. Anytime someone purchases something from one of my links, I also get a 10% of the asking price. Now, I really expect to make a big pile of nothing out of this deal. I don’t generate enough hits to believe for a second I’ll make a dime from people linking over to Amazon and buying a bunch of crap. I mainly signed on because I can use the artwork for my reviews, and what-not, without having to worry about copyright issues. And if I happen to get a couple of dimes out of the deal, who am I to complain?

So, I would appreciate it, that if you plan to buy something from Amazon, click over through one of my link. Heck, drop me a line beforehand and I’ll set up a link to that specific item :)

I have also added a one of those flashy link thingies to the sidebar for blogexplosion. It is a site designed to boost the traffic to your blog. It is based on the principle that everyone involved wants more traffic. But, in order to get more hits, everybody has to view more blogs. So, I spend a few minutes checking out other peoples blogs. In doing so I earn credit for my blog. This credit is used in putting my blog in the line of blogs that everyone else is looking at. I've only been doing it a few days, but I've already seen a big increase in traffic. So, if there are any bloggers out there looking for a few readers I would recommend it.

The only problem is that the hits you'll get are most likely not going to be long time readers. The system works so that you have to view a blog for 30 seconds or more. But it is easy to have the blog up while you're doing something else, and check back every half minute in order to punch through to the next one. I've viewed a whole bunch of blogs lately, but have ready very, very few of them. Unless the blog has something really catcy right up front, I'm likely to jump back over to playing Spider. All of which makes me really want to spend more time making my blog look better. Hence, the amazon pictures.

I am also looking to change the overall outlook of the blog. I've already put a request into a friend to give me a cool banner to run at the top, but I have yet to get a response from him. I hope, within a few months, to really redesign the whole thing to make it a little more mine, and a lot less blogspots. If anyone has any design skills, and wants to help out a lonesome blogger, drop me a comment.

I’ll officially have my one year anniversary as a blogger towards the end of the month. Unofficially, it is a few months later since I really didn’t start blogging until I made it to France in September.

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