Monday, May 02, 2005

Million Dollar Baby, Misbehaving, and Flowers

My wife is currently out seeing Million Dollar Baby without me. The louse! She had class all day today, and my memory said that she isn’t usually home until around 5 or so. So, a little after lunch I took off to the park, once again. I seem to be quite addicted to park strolling. I hate to rub it in again, but I really love having not working and living in France. Anyways, I returned home to find a note from the wife explaining that she had gone to see the film. It’s a movie she didn’t really want to see anyway! Why couldn’t she wait for me? I guess that’s what I get for not being home. Actually, I think it is payback for yesterday.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling rather nauseated and dizzy. I laid in bed awhile, and by lunch time the nausea had turned into just an upset stomach, and the dizziness was a pounding headache. A little later, I felt rather fine. We were going to church at 2 in the pm, but I decided to skip it. You see Sunday was another French holiday, and the trams were not running. Daniel had agreed to pick us up and drop us home afterwards, but I didn’t want to get there, only to feel ill again and have to make someone take me home early. So, Amy took off to the supposed meeting spot without me.

Twenty minutes or so later and I was feeling rather good, and rather bored. I decided some fresh air would do me good. As always, my feet led me straight to the park, where I spent a good two and a half hours sitting in the shade. I came home to find a very upset Amy asking me where I had been. Apparently she never met up with Daniel because I got the meeting place wrong. After 45 minutes of waiting she came home expecting a sick husband, and finding an empty apartment. She called Daniel, who sent Tammy because Amy broke down on the phone. Tammy sat with Amy calming her down and then left her here at home. Needless to say she was not pleased.

I felt like a boy with his hand in the cookie jar. I tried to explain that I had felt better and decided to take a walk. I hadn’t meant for it to be such a long absence, but there it was. The doghouse is where I stayed for a good while. And now she’s seeing the movie without me.

I have so many pictures of flowers, it is ridiculous. As stated I travel to the park often. I always take my camera with me and I always take a ton of pictures. Even though I’ve pretty much covered the entire park in pictures several times over, I can’t help but take more. I’ve always been a flower fan, and the ones at the park are so gorgeous I get swept up in their beauty and take more and more pictures. Maybe I’ll post another one here.

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