Sunday, June 05, 2005

Burning Down

I’ve been feeling a little rugged and ragged of late. The old burnout is creeping precariously close to my end trails.

I know, I know, burned out from what? You don’t do a darn thing, you lazy mother scratcher, you’re likely saying. What’s there to get ragged from, living the good life in France, amongst cheese, wine and beautiful nakedness?

And I’ll agree. But the burnout is still creeping in. When I decided to start reviewing items on my blog way back when, I decided to review basically everything I read, heard or saw. Obviously heard has been thrown completely out since I’ve not reviewed a record pert near never. But I have adamantly reviewed every book, every film that I have consumed into my brain cells. I generally run behind in these categories, being 2 or 3 reviews from being caught up at any given moment. I’ve even let this fact keep me from consuming something else.

No, lets not watch that movie tonight, I’ve got too many reviews to write. One might have heard my say to my wife, were you a bug on the wall, or some crazed French pervert listening in. Or that book I’m all but 10 pages from completing sits on the shelf being unread for fear of adding another review to my growing to do list.

What the crap!? I’ve started letting my poorly written reviews get in the way of my enjoyment of art. Suddenly it is work, and it shouldn’t be work should it? I love movies. I thoroughly enjoy discussing their merits, deconstructing their value, and reviewing them. I’ve been putting the review first, of late. Well forget that junk.

So, lately I’ve been watching a lot more movies, reading a lot more books, and not doing any writing. I do want to review these things. I do want to keep up the posts. But I’m taking a bit of a break. I’ll write when I’m inspired to do so, and not fret about having a stack of reviews I haven’t gotten to.

To wit, I now have the following reviews to write, which you may or may not ever get.

Sin City
The Cold Six Thousand
The African Queen
The Wild Bunch
Young Guns
Grand Illusion
Dracula’s Daughter
Son of Frankenstein
X-Files Season One
Dr. Katz

And I’ll be watching another movie tonight! Caution to the wind I tell you.!

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