Thursday, June 23, 2005

Buy Jerry Garcia's Mailbox

From the wide world of weird this just in: you can now purchase the late Jerry Garcia's mailbox here.

This mailbox sat in front of the late guitarist's last home, a custom made mansion in Nicasio, California. When Jerry died the house was sold and the new owner upgraded the box and put Jerry's in storage. Apparenly, now is the time to bring the thing out and make a profit from the deceased.

In a culture where celebrities are the new deities, even old mailboxes are sacred. The starting bid is $2000 so tighten up your budget if you want to have this one of a kind memorabilia.

The only question I have left is that with all the millions Jerry Garcia was making, why didn't he buy a better looking mailbox? That thing looks like it would fit better in front of a beat up trailer, than a million dollar mansion.

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