Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Exploding Blogs

I suppose most everyone has noticed the blinking advertisement in my sidebar these last few weeks. BlogExplosion is a site designed to bring more traffic to your blog. It is a pretty ingenious program, actually. The way it works is that you sign your blog up into the program. In order to move traffic to your site, you have to view other people’s blogs.

With the main program, you must view the other blogs for thirty seconds to earn credit for your own blog. The more blogs you view, the more credits you earn. The more credits you earn, the more people view your blog.

They’ve set it up to keep the cheating to a minimum. When you view a blog, there is a frame at the top which holds a timer counting backwards from 30 seconds. When the thirty seconds is over you are told to click on a certain number. Various numbers are scattered throughout the frame. I like this system because it keeps people from clicking through the blogs super fast, without looking at them. It also creates trouble for anyone looking to create a macro to click the mouse every thirty seconds. In theory this means everyone is actually looking at your blog for at least thirty seconds.

Of course, theory isn’t always reality. It is very simple to have the blog in the background while you are surfing other websites, checking e-mail, or playing games. I often have BlogExplosion running while I’m doing my normal computer work. Every thirty seconds or so I flip over and click the right button earning me more credits. The only time I actually look at a blog is if something quickly catches my eye within the top of the page.

This has been good training for my own blog. This is, in part, why I started adding the Amazon images, and brought in the new banner. Images catch the eye a lot better than plain text. It also makes me work harder in being a better writer.

If you are looking to bring more traffic to your blog I would recommend BlogExplosion. Besides the method I have described to bring in traffic, they have several other methods. You can use some of your surfing credits to enter a monthly lottery. You can create ad banners that run along side the timer while others are surfing. They’ve even got a battle of the blogs thing going now. The site is a lot of fun, and it definitely works. I’ve seen a big increase in traffic in the two weeks I’ve been using it. We’re still talking traffic in the hundreds, not thousands, but for one little blog with no advertising, that’s pretty good.

One other thing I have noticed since using BlogExplosion is that my traffic from search engines has increased. Many of my review are now in the first or second page on a Google search. I’m also hitting much higher than I ever did for a variety of searches on many of the search engines. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but I suspect the fact that I started getting more traffic alerted the engines that my site may be worth going to. Or something.

This is actually better news than just getting more traffic. As I said, much of the traffic coming from BlogExplosion isn’t really great traffic. I’m sure my blog has remained in the background of many a computer for the requisite 30 seconds and quickly been moved away from. But it is exciting to think someone is searching for a review of the Hitchock classic, “To Catch a Thief” and reading what I have to say about it.

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