Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Getting Things Done

After another full day of house hunting we settled for an apartment. All the houses were either way out of our price range, or dumpy. There was one three bedroom that was really nice that we almost bought, but we eventually decided against. The yard was too shady to grow any type of garden, it was too close to the highway to let the cat run wild, and it was too far from both work and school. With the apartment we get a good amount of space for a lot less money.

I also get my old job back, with the same position and salary! I fully expected I would be back to a representative status, though I was going to fight for higher pay. But, my boss gave me the supervisor gig without a fight. Apparently it was a surprise move because all the other supervisors were shocked. The boss had said last week that she couldn’t hire another supervisor. Whatever happened I am grateful.

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