Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Quit

All last week I had to help with training some new employees. I'm not exactly sure why because there were only three of them, we have a full time trainer, and I already knew all the information that was given in class. My theory is that my boss didn't know what else to do with me, and she was too busy to give me any additional supervisor training.

Today the new employees were to come in and get right to work. One of them never showed up, and never called. This guy was sent over through one of the temporary employment agencies that we use.

Our office assistant called to the agency today to check up on the no shows status. They laughed when she called and said that they had this guys mother on the phone wanting to know why we fired him!

So this cat decided he didn't want to come to work and lied to his mother who must have been nagging him about not going to work.

"No mom, they told me not to show back up. I don't know why…"

Why bother to even come to training if you have no desire to actually do any work?

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